Injection & Sampling 

    Our Injection and sampling valves meet the precision you system require. Our design is fully flexible we can meet all the project specifications and requirements.

    Technical specifications
    Design Made in compliance whit the International standard and Oil company specifications like API 6A – ANSI – ASME – BRITISH STANDARD.
    Seat   Our product line cover all the possible applications its standard production soft seat or metal to metal seat.
    Ball  Available, Side entry, top entry, floating type, trunnion type full and reduced bore.
    Stem   Anti-blow out design construction, easy operability also at high pressure process conditions.
    Body   Produced from forged or bar-stock, available the most popular raw materials like: ASTM A.105N – F.60 – ASTM A.350 LF2, and LF6 – A.182 F316(L) – DUPLEX F.51 – SUPER DUPLEX F.44 – F.53 – F.55 – HASTELLOY C.276 - INCONEL 625 or 825 – MONEL 400 – TITANIUM CLASS II.
    Handle   Wrench or Gear Box operator in standard design or extended bonnet type design for insulation application.
    Size  From 1/2” to 3” for instrumentation field application, and 3” to 36” for piping field application.
    Range  The available pressure range, start from class ANSI 150 Lbs to class ANSI 2.500 Lbs.
    Bore All the model could be reduced bore or full bore, in inch size or millimetre size.
    Connection   Our product line cover all the possible ends combination as: Flange to Flange, Flange to Threaded, Threaded, to Threaded, Socket weld and Butt weld.
    Bleed Valve   Available in several solution, like: Bolted bonnet, locking device and anti-tamper key facility.
    Technical Features
    • All the produced Double Block & Bleed Valve are in according to NACE MR-01-75 Standard
    • All the Double Block & Bleed Valve are Fire Safe design API 607 and Fire Safe Tested
    • Fugitive Emission Test approved (M.E.S.C. 77-312)
    • ISO EN 9001 System Certification
    • Designed in according to ASME B16.10 - ASME B16.5
    • All the Double Block & Bleed Valve are design in according to API 6A and API 6D Specifi cation